Your browser does not support JavaScript! Vacuum Induction Melter from Retech will go to returning Partner - SECO/WARWICK

Vacuum Induction Melter from Retech will go to returning Partner


A longtime industry Partner in the USA has awarded Retech a contract for a Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) system from Retech’s Buffalo, NY facility.

Vacuum Induction Melter from Retech - SECO/WARWICK will go to returning Partner

Retech (a SECO/WARWICK Group subsidiary) will supply them with a new VIM.  It will be fabricated in Retech’s Buffalo headquarters to capitalize on available schedule improvements. As custom equipment, Retech’s furnaces are not dependent on assembly-line style construction, so they can be fabricated and assembled just as easily in either location. It is a choice many of their industry partners appreciate for a variety of reasons.

“People tend to assume that significant capital expenditure equipment projects like this must move at a snail’s pace, unable to pivot to meet sudden shifts in market demands in metallurgy. However, Retech’s engineers, suppliers, subcontractors, along with the in-house fabricators and assemblers operate as a well-coordinated team.”  – Earl Good, Retech Managing Director.

While this Partner prefers not to divulge this VIM’s application, Retech’s solution can easily handle casting a wide range of materials used in everything from automotive and consumer products to critical, high-value equiaxed, directionally solidified, or single-crystal aerospace parts. Almost every furnace Retech makes is customized in some manner to meet the exacting specifications and associated applications of its customers.

The customer has had 2 VIM solutions serving as their “production workhorses” at this location since the mid-2000s, so they were already familiar with Retech equipment operation. When it came to sourcing and installing their new VIMs, they were confident Retech was the right choice.


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