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We are successful in supporting our customers by increasing the reliability and availability of the existing machinery and by providing maintenance services that are perfectly suited for the nature of operations. The SECO/WARWICK portfolio covers a multitude of aftermarket services for industrial furnaces:

/Emergency maintenance

Guaranteed immediate response for heat treat furnace repair. This service is supported with 24h remote supervision and critical path for providing spare parts.

/Predictive maintenance (SECO/PREDICTIVE)

Uses advanced Industry 4.0 algorithms. It is a program for gathering, analysing and predicting potential failures even before they occur. This heat treat furnace service is provided in customer’s cloud where data safety is the top priority.

/Preventive maintenance

Industrial furnace maintenance activities based on a schedule and number of operating hours, covering sub-systems and individual components of furnaces.



/Maintenance agreement

Definite-term agreements under which our employees ensure availability of the heat treat furnace maintenance at the agreed level. Everything is documented and reported using OEE indicators.

/Periodic inspection (current status check)

One-time services performed upon request, periodic inspections, support in commissioning after an outage, verification of settings, adjustment of operating points.

/Safety inspections

Inspections of equipment in terms of safety, risks and their impact. Procedures based on international FMEA standards.

/Leak testing, leak detection

Operations aimed at searching for and removal of leaks. Well-trained personnel equipped with appropriate equipment and holding the necessary experience.

/Optimization of work performance

Analysis, presentation of the proposal and adjustment/fitting of equipment with components optimizing the consumption of media: water, gas, electricity and others.

/TUS and SAT tests

Support in or taking responsibility for temperature distribution tests and/or tests of compliance with automotive/aerospace industry standards for heat-treatment equipment.

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