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atmosphare furnace roller hearth by SECO/WARWICK



Atmosphere heat treatment technologies and equipment


In the production of atmosphere heat treatment solutions, we use our extended experience and state-of-the-art technology to simplify installations, reduce investment costs, and reduce process utilities consumption.


Carbonitriding,  gas carburizing, hardening, tempering, annealing, spheroidization.

/ Industries:
aerospace, automotive, bars, bearings, commercial heat treatment, defense, electrical steels, energy, extrusion dies, machinery, saw & blades, springs, steel coils, titanium, transmition & gears, tube & pipes

/ Products:
Mesh Belt, Roller Hearth, Fire Resistance,  SQ Furance, Rotary Retort

Unique features:
extended experience in the production of various furnace systems, technological equipment prepared according to customer specifications, we are responsible for technology, logistics, installation, service and training of users – operators.

Operating conditions:
in an atmosphere of air, inert gases (nitrogen), active atmospheres for carburizing and other active diffusion atmospheres, in high temperature systems up to 1000°C

/ Application:
our solutions are used in a variety of heat treatment processes, eg: annealing, spheroidization, tempering, solution heat treatment.

/ Portfolio:
single- and multi-chamber furnaces, furnaces: ribbon, roller, atmospheric generators: endothermic (Endogas ™), atmosphere control and regulating devices.

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