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SECO/WARWICK supports an American manufacturer to expand their product portfolio


CAB technology leader — SECO/WARWICK — will provide an American partner with 2 identical continuous CAB lines for brazing aluminum heat exchangers, specifically battery coolers. The furnaces will work in Mexico and Spain, and it was thanks to adding this new technology, that the Partner will expand their product portfolio.

SECO/WARWICK supports an American manufacturer to expand their product portfolio

CAB continuous lines are used for protective atmosphere brazing aluminum of heat exchangers. Such solutions are used by leading automotive parts manufacturers and are used for mass production of battery coolers among other types of heat exchangers.

“We delivered the world’s first CAB furnace to the American market 40 years ago. Today, these solutions operate on all continents. There are dozens of systems in China alone. When it comes to this contract, the Partner’s path to a purchase decision was interesting. For several years, we have been supporting this customer in learning about CAB technology, which had not been used in their plants before.​ Thanks to tests runs in our R&D CAB furnace in Poland, we presented the process and enabled prototype brazing. This, in turn, helped the customer receive an order for the production of battery coolers. The purchased CAB lines will be the first solutions of this type in the customer’s factories”, explains Piotr Skarbiński, Vice-President of the Aluminum and CAB Product Segments in the SECO/WARWICK Group.

Strategic cooperation opens up new perspectives

 The SECO/WARWICK Group is a leader in CAB technology. Some manufacturers have several such furnaces in their plants. SECO/WARWICK values long-term cooperation and greatly appreciates it when a customer comes forward with further needs. Partnership and mutual trust are the foundation of over 40 years of cooperation with the automotive industry. This purchase was preceded by tests in the R&D laboratory, which resulted in the expansion of the Partner’s portfolio and offer.

 “The competitive advantage is the ability and willingness to support customers in the process of implementing new technologies. Thanks to this, we gain their trust and ensure risk minimization. Since customers often come back to us to expand their aluminum brazing departments, I also think that in this case, we have opened the window for further potential orders. We will deliver 2 CAB lines to two different continents, but in my opinion, this is only the beginning of cooperation”, said Maciej Stempniewicz, Deputy Director of the CAB Furnace Team Sales Department.



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